Sunday, January 08, 2006

anger and your health
anger to a considerable extent may be attributed to one 's habits and state of body.for example if you lack sleep you get angry frequently or if you are ill you may get angry too soon or for no reason and another alarming fact is anger can take a toll on our health we get entangled in the vicious circle of anger and disease each complementing one another to our misery.So a healthy peice of advice "Take good care of yor health,get enough sleep and manage your anger"

Thursday, December 29, 2005

When YOU get AnGRY
When you get angry; think
  • Why am I ANGRY ?
  • Am i angry for no reason or Iam justified in getting angry ?
  • Will a moment of anger abolish the root cause of disgust or will it draw me into a viscious circle of anger and hate ?
  • Is n't it better to reserve my energy and anger for a thoughtful action later ?
at least some of those around would agree that getting Angry or by venting your anger on someone you get nothing ................... perhaps you lose something ...your respect,relationships and above all your peace of mind!!
Anger unlike our common notion has many positives to it .It helps us in emergencies to summon the courage to tide over the immediate PERIL !If controlled it may be used as a source of compelling inspiration that drives us to a goal !!
But the question that naturally arises is


One of the easiest techniques that works for me is to take a HUGE breath when I get angry ...... or sometimes even when I get tensed !!
Another technique is to divert your mind when you get angry ...maybe to something which intersts you the most..But what will I do If My Favourite Pastime or hobby is to get angry ?